Is it really possible to cook healthy
dinners, get time back in your life,
and shrink your waistline...
all at the same time?

Yes it absolutely is... so you might want to pay attention because I'm about to share some information with you that can literally change your life!

I'm so excited to introduce you to this outstanding new cookbook...

This revolutionary new cookbook is going to have you serving healthy and amazing tasting dinners on the dinner table in no time flat.

It's also going to help you regain precious time back in your life that you didn't even know you were missing.

These all-natural recipes are gluten-free and paleo friendly, plus if you're interested in fat loss the recipes have been specially formulated for this as well with a simple fat loss code assigned to each recipe.

welcome to dinner evolution

Are you busy, struggling to lose weight, dealing with the restrictions of a special diet, and generally trying to find an easy solution to cut back on eating out and fast-food runs?

Gone are the days when you had hours to spend getting dinner ready.
You're busy, I understand.

That's why processed foods and prepared mixes were created- to help you speed up the process of getting meals ready.

I'm sure the food manufacturers meant well at the time, but we are now finding out that these processed foods which were meant to help us out are actually doing a very real harm to our health.

Unfortunately between these nutritionally bankrupt convenience foods, and the introduction of products such as pesticides and growth hormones that were obviously never meant to be ingested by us humans, we are as obese as ever, and it's growing at an alarming rate.

I don't need to give you the alarming health statisticsthat are facing us today...Do I? Kids with Type 2 Diabetes! Really?

Not to fear, that's the reason I wrote this new cookbook- Dinner Evolution. Over 225 all-natural dinner recipes that are super easy, family friendly, and can even help you lose weight if you so choose.

The funny thing about the name Dinner Evolution is that this new evolution that I am sharing with you is really more about going back to a time when things were simpler.

When people used real ingredients. Got their produce from the local farm that didn't even know what pesticides were.

Their dairy wasn't pasteurized, their food wasn't flown from the other side of the world, they knew how their meat was raised, never heard of soda, and they actually ate dinner around the dinner table together.

Another reason that I wrote this cookbook is because I really saw a need for it. You see, I have a healthy recipe newsletter that I send out on a regular basis.

There are thousands of people that subscribe to it, so I have a unique insight in to what today's busy people are looking for as far as eating healthy.

Here's some of what I've heard from my subscribers ...

You don't have to worry, because I listened, and those were some of the driving forces behind Dinner Evolution.

There you have it. Our dinner habits have evolved to something our great grandmothers wouldn't even recognize.

Let's be honest, a lot of what our grandmothers and great grandmothers cooked weren't the healthiest of recipes either.

And that's where I bridge the gap. I take the all natural ingredients that they had available and make them updated with the nutrition knowledge that we now have available today.

So, take a world class chef (me) who's an expert in nutrition and give him a dilemma such as this and also take in the time considerations of our hectic lives today and you get this cookbook... Dinner Evolution.

Look at all of the benefits you get from just one cookbook. Plus I'm going to give you some amazing bonuses besides the fat loss guide.

I'll get to that in a moment, but first I want to tell you a little about myself. I don't really like to talk about myself, I'm more interested in helping you out, but you should know who's actually writing your recipes for you.

My name is Jeff Pirtle, but most people just call me Chef Jeff. I've been a professional chef for 25 years and I'm a certified nutrition expert.

For the past dozen years or so I've been a chef on private mega-yachts traveling the world and cooking for the rich and famous helping them keep (or find) their sexy bodies.

I'm currently one of the most in demand private chefs in the world, mostly because of my unique blend of healthy food that tastes amazing.

There's a good chance I've cooked for your favorite celebrity or billionaire, but truth be told, they love to eat just like the recipes that I'm sharing with you in Dinner Evolution.

Just in the past year alone I've traveled from Tahiti, all over the Caribbean, Aspen, all over the Mediterranean, and England. (I'm trying to slow things down!)

I am actually writing to you from a private island down in the Caribbean. That's right, the clients that I'm cooking for are so rich that they own their own island.

I love traveling the world and cooking my healthy food for my clients, but I'm even more passionate about sharing my healthy recipes with you and helping people reach their fat loss goals.

Okay, enough about me. I think you can see that I'm qualified to write your recipes for you and give you fat loss advice.

So, do you have any questions? I'm sure you do. Here's a list of some that might have popped up in your mind, let's see if this covers it...

You see, I'm not like one of those big guru's I actually love to interact with you.

Just because these recipes are good for you, doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice flavor. Just look at some of these recipes...

So, are you sold? It's a pretty amazing package if I may say so myself. Plus I'm so confident that you will love the recipes and they will get you in the best shape of your life that I'm offering you a money back guarantee.
It's really easy to get started. Since this is a digital download you will have the complete cookbook and bonuses within minutes.

You could be cooking these recipes tonight!

All that you have to do is click the Order Now button and you will be on your way to less stress, a happy family, and a slimmer waistline.

I spoke briefly about your bonuses, but why don't I tell you more about the bonuses that I'm throwing in with the cookbook.

These bonuses are worth more than the price of the cookbook alone. I can't tell you how many hours I've poured in to these to get them ready for you.

I wrote this fat loss guide to go along with the Dinner Evolution cookbook. It's called "The Rules of Fat Loss" and I show you step-by-step how to lose weight while cooking the Dinner Evolution recipes.

The best part of this guide is that you can start by following your favorite rules and just add from there and still see amazing results. I know you're busy so I purposely made this a quick and easy to understand guide for you to follow.

This is completely optional. If you do not need to lose weight, simply enjoy the recipes by yourself, with a partner, or with your family.

As I mentioned earlier, the recipes each come with simple fat loss code, it really couldn't be easier.

Though I do advocate cooking your dinner (especially the Dinner Evolution way) because that way you know exactly what you're putting in to your body. I do realize that you still will be eating out.

Heck, even I love to eat out!

You just need to have a game plan so you can keep it healthy or not sabotage your fat loss efforts.

And that's exactly what I do with this guide.

I give you a complete action plan and even tell you what your best menu options are for some of the most popular cuisines such as Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Fast Food, and Thai, just to name a few.

I haven't always cooked for the rich and the famous. Actually I've developed a system for saving money at the grocery store over the years.

It's so powerful I even gave it a name... The Money Crusher

The Money Crusher tip alone will pay for the cost of Dinner Evolution in no time flat if you choose to implement it.

I have even asked some of the most popular money savings guru's for their top secret tips and they graciously share those with you as well.

Simply print out this easy template and plug in your favorite recipes for the week. It's such an easy way to organize your dinner plans for the week.

I realize that many of you might not actually know what the paleo diet is. Maybe you've heard of it, but not quite sure what it's all about. That's why I wrote this guide. It spells out in exact detail how it works, the rules etc. And I have written a sample meal plan for you a well.

Say goodbye to dinner time stress and the dreaded question..."what's for dinner?"

So, click on the Order Now button and you will have the Dinner Evolution cookbook and all of those amazing bonuses in just a few minutes.

Where else can you find an all-natural cookbook with super simple, family friendly recipes that actually help you lose weight?

Of course you can always just keep on doing what you've been doing, but if you've made it this far I have a funny feeling you need a change.

Do any of these describe you?...

Stressed out about what to cook for dinner each night

Hate the hassle of trying to find a decent healthy recipe that you can trust

Tired of eating out all of the time and not know what you're putting in to your body

Wanting to get more time back in to your life to spend with your loved one's

Unsatisfied with your body and want a simple fat loss solution

So, do any of those strike a chord?

If so then click on the Order Now button below and I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

Thanks so much for your time, I'm real excited for you to get started cooking these recipes. Let me know how you like them and if you use the recipes for fat loss then please let me know how you're doing.

Oh, and don't forget that you have 60 full days to try out the recipes. If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Thanks again for your time, and have a blessed day.

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